School House Teams

When children join our school, they are placed in a school team where they will compete against one another in various ways. The team names have been chosen from local birds who live around Bosham. Siblings are always kept in the same team as one another as we ask parents to buy the house team's colour top for PE.


One of the ways pupils compete against each other in their house teams is through inter-house sports competitions such as gymnastics or dance. This gives the children an opportunity to use their creativity to create and perform their routines, which are then judged by experts who we usually seek from outside our school. This could be a gymnastic teacher from a local secondary school or a professional dance performer.


The four houses are: 




Inter-House Results 2023-24              

  • Term 1.1. - Gymnastics = Egrets
  • Term 1.2. - Dance = Egrets