Our School Aims

paintingWe endeavour to provide an enjoyable, enriched educational experience, relevant and meaningful for every child. 

We aim to develop personal qualities to provide a sound foundation for the future and to ensure that every child leaves us recognising themselves as life-long learners.

We do this by:

  • Providing a stimulating, enriched, relevant and enjoyable learning environment
  • Nurturing the potential in every child
  • Having clearly articulated, high expectations of all children
  • Providing the opportunity to learn and practise transferable skills
  • Expecting children to become increasingly independent in their learning
  • Recognising that children achieve in different ways and celebrating this success
  • Promoting positive attitudes to learning
  • Ensuring that children feel safe and secure and have a positive self-image

These beliefs are shared by all those concerned with the school and are reflected in the way in which we aim to work as a team.