Learning Experiences




Each Learning Experience includes:


  • An exciting title to capture interest and leave the children wanting to find out more.
  • An authentic outcome with a purpose for learning. This will be something the children are aiming to achieve by the end of the learning experience. This could be running a museum or café, exhibiting artwork in a gallery or designing and building an invention to solve a problem.
  • A hook that happens right at the beginning of a learning experience which makes the learning irresistible and exciting.
  • A series of steps that lead them through the journey to the authentic outcome.
  • Key knowledge and skills are taught to the pupils throughout the learning experience so that they can achieve the authentic outcome. Where needed, pupils will receive carefully considered scaffolding to help them achieve and allow all pupils to be successful.


This approach means learning is meaningful and equips children to become learners who are aiming for an end goal. There is a greater sense of a journey through the curriculum as the children understand the steps they are taking to reach their destination.

Each learning experience will have a learning experience overview which will introduce the learning experience to the children and be stuck in their learning journals. These are also kept centrally on the school server. Teachers will assess what pupils learn in each unit and use this assessment to help themselves and other teachers build on the prior knowledge and skills the pupils have acquired.


Whole School learning Experiences


Once a year, the whole school plans a shared learning experience where we focus on one thing. This year we focused upon developing the pupil's understanding of different parts of the world. Every class choose one country from the seven continents where they studied about their key physical and human characteristics. They learnt about their culture and shared this knowledge with other clases becoming the 'teachers' for the day. At the end of the learning experience all of the children voted for which class was the most persuasive and where they would like to visit the most. This year our Oppys (YR) class were the most persuasive as our children wanted to visit Antartica after their presentation in assembly.

Sunbeams (Y5) teaching African jewelry as their country was Kenya.
Lasers (Y3) teaching Origami animals as their country was Japan.


Wayfarers (Y4) teaching the Haka as their country was New Zealand.


The children also looked at famous artists from the countries and cretaed this fabulous pieces. These pieces of artwork had all of the class contributing of them and we are really proud of them. You can see them hanging up around our school.



In February 2023, this was Change Sings by Amanda Gorman, who is an American poet and activist. Every child in our school undertook an activity to make positive change in our local area. This included litter picking, painting the school fence and many other useful activities that helped other people in our community.

Poet Amanda Gorman signs with IMG models after Biden inauguration | The  Independent      “Change Sings: A Children’s Anthem” by Amanda Gorman, pictures by Loren Long.


Our authentic outcome for this was to create inspirational art based on the work of different graffiti artists, such as Thierry Noir, Keith Haring, My Dog Sighs and Deborah Shapiro. Here are some of the examples you can see now hung up around the school.