Continuous Provision


At Bosham Primary School, we believe in developing the whole child. By the time the children leave us, they will be independent, creative and emotionally intelligent learners who achieve well. We provide an education that is rich in knowledge and skills and opportunities to apply these independently in continuous provision. Key to this is ensuring progression by creating environments that develop new skills as children move up the school whilst embedding previous learning.  Children are able to problem solve and engage in their own exploration pursuing their own interests and making connections in their learning.


Creativity is nurtured through imaginative provocations that expose children to different perspectives to extend their understanding of the world around them. They are encouraged to use these in innovative ways within provision.  Time is given to children to learn independently. Independence is valued time allocation resources and materials are carefully selected in order to provide a broad range of possibilities that allow children to develop and learn over an extended period of time. Our well planned learning environment encourages children to be intrinsically motivated and express their own ideas. In turn, this develops our children’s resilience when approach challenges in their learning.  Underpinning this approach is the idea of children having to practise and embed self -regulation strategies that develop emotional intelligence.


Adults facilitate and guide learning through prompts and provocation. A balance of organic and pre-planned learning opportunities allow for adults to observe and interact thoughtfully, moving the learning forward and meeting children’s need. Language is promoted and modelled effectively in provision by the adults and children are encouraged to express themselves in a variety of ways.


We provide rich learning environments with continuous provision at their heart.

Within all learning environments, we…:

  • Start from where each child is, building on their knowledge and interests and challenging them where appropriate.
  • Make meaningful connections to our learning experiences giving children opportunities to apply new skills and knowledge in a variety of contexts.
  • Ensure effective transitions and progression through Early Years and KS1
  • Support children to be fluent in their skills and knowledge through practise and meaningful application
  • Provide developmentally challenge through a range of experiences that allows for individual progression and achievement 
  • We enable language development and talk through extended periods of discovery where appropriate adults guide and gently instruct to extend children’s development.
  • A sustainable continued high quality CPD and dialogue with staff ensures effective implantation.


The outcomes we expect from this approach

Pupils will display learning behaviour that demonstrates emotional intelligence so they can self-regulate. Pupils will use their persistence and determination in their learning endeavors and they will be confident to take risks in their learning environment and directed tasks