School and e-safety

We know that the world our children are growing up in is changing at such a rapid rate that it can be hard for us as adults to keep up with all the technology our children are exposed to.

We also know that children will use the technology that is out there, so our role is to support them to know how to keep themselves safe online. 

As well as teaching e-safety within the curriculum, we also teach the children about the importance of secure passwords. All of our children in KS2 have a unique password to access any technology in school. As well as this, we work with an e-safety company who provide us with instant alerts should any one in school be trying to access inappropriate or worrying content. 

We also have filters on our systems which do not allow the children to access social media or You Tube platforms at school. 

We are very excited to be taking part in a pilot scheme over the coming year with the 'Make A Noise' team which will further develop our e-safety and anti-bullying programmes.